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Our Commitment to Nature

Why are we planting trees?

The increasing number of forest fires, forest decay caused by humans and climate change have catastrophic consequences for all of us. With the loss of our forests, we lose the most important partner in the fight against climate change and the main lifeline for our great variety of animals and plants. As a young start-up, we are committed to preserving our forests and taking responsibility: for every order, we plant a tree.

How does a tree help?

Every tree planted helps to stop climate change and maintain our great wealth of species. The forest is not only an important vital line for our nature, but also stores and neutralizes CO2. In 2019, for example, Germany's total CO2 emissions amounted to approximately 830 million tons, of which the German forest was able to neutralize 222 million tons of CO2 in the same year. With you and our partners, we can plant trees exactly where they are needed e.g. Rwanda, where the forest area has shrunk from 253,000 hectares (1994) to 3,558 hectares (2019). The main cause of this sharp decline is human activity.

How and where do we plant trees?

As a young brand, we want to take our social responsibility seriously. We work with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted, which planted over 10 million trees around the world last year. For every order we place, we have a tree planted on behalf of our customers by giving a portion of the sales proceeds to this organization. For a listing of the 28 countries with more specific locations where the trees are planted, you can here.